Many clients enjoy the thrill and excitement of searching for pieces to fill their home but have trouble pulling the trigger. The services offered by Queen City Nesting (“QCN”) as part of this package allow clients to validate purchases and receive second opinions on DIY interior design.

Package purchasers are provided cell phone information for QCN, allowing them to text questions related to décor, furniture selection, general design, etc. No questions are off limits except questions more aptly answered under one of the other packages provided by QCN.


Text by Text: $4 per question asked by client

Monthly Small Subscription: $20 for 8 questions asked by client (per calendar month)

Monthly Large Subscription: $30 for 15 questions asked by client (per calendar month)

Whether a client is buying pieces over time or needs one item to finish off the look, this smaller package provides interior design expertise at the individual item level. After discussions with the client regarding the specific item (furniture, décor, etc.) required, QCN will provide three suggested pieces based on the client’s style, sourcing preferences and overall feel of the surrounding space. Minimum budget for piece is $100.


10% of the maximum budget for the item or the actual purchase price, whichever is greater

This end-to-end package focuses on creating a cohesive design and consistent feel across a room or home. While working collaboratively with the client, QCN will design the space, source décor/furniture and arrange/organize the final installation. This package is ideal for individuals seeking professional interior design and decorating services.


$50 an hour